Im baaaaaccckkk!!

Hi there lovely people! Guess who’s back. It’s been so long! I’m back and here to stay!!😂 🤗

So, I’ve been getting a lot of messages about the topics you want me to blog about. The top 4 topics were:

  1. Moist chocolate cake recipe.
  2. How I started my cake business- lessons and tips for beginners
  3. Enquiries about starting cake classes
  4. Baking fails: Sinking cakes, thick hard cake, bitter tasting cake (Hmmm, Im not so sure of the bitter tasting cake. Perhaps the ingredients??🤔  ).

So I will address these soon.

I’ll start with the chocolate cake recipe. This cake is super moist and extra yummy. As usual, its fool proof  and even a novice will get it right(trust me. LOL). I’ll post the in the next 24 hours.

About the cake lessons, I’ve received so many enquiries that I’ve decided to go with the flow. Plans are far advanced to have some cake making lessons.We’ll have a beginner’s class where I’ll teach the basics of baking and decorating. There’ll also be a pastry class with our top Chef Philip. Pastries to be taught: doughnuts, croissants, chelsea buns and other stuff we stock in our shop. I’m rather excited and will announce as soon as the date is set. One thing I’m sure of, it’ll be held in September this year.

Special shoutout to Deloris who has been calling since last year to convince me to teach even on part-time bases because she loves my cakes! I can’t wait to finally meet you in person,dear. Hopefully, September isn’t too far for you.

Next, I’ll give some advice on how to start a cake business. I don’t consider myself an expert as Im still learning everyday. I started with no formal business and cake making training. Basically, I just woke up one day and decided to start a cake shop after family and friends told me my cakes were really good and I can make money out of it. Entrepreneurship is not easy my friends! As my friend will say “running a business is not beans!”. I’ve learnt so many lessons along the way and will share a few of these lessons. Perhaps, this will make someone’s entrepreneurship journey much easier.

I’m here to stay. Lets get talking!


NB: Im  trying to fix the bug in the comment section of the blog ( I know, its been forever. I integrated it with Facebook and it doesnt seem to be responding. Tech advice needed 😥 ). Until then, you can send enquiries via our Facebook messenger (@cakecityghana)

And oh, like my Facebook page @cakecityghana

Cupcakes, hugs and kisses 😘 ,