Hi there lovely people,

Ever wondered why your cakes are not always fluffy and soft despite using the same amount of ingredients? It could be your eggs!

I’ve always known that eggs add to the way are soft and fluffy but didn’t know eggs actually add flavour to cake.

I learnt this accidentally. Sometime ago, a family friend brought some crates of eggs from his farm in Nsawam. I baked with them and wasn’t prepared for what happened. The cakes came out ever so fluffy, soft, moist and super yummy. I rechecked my recipe and realised nothing had changed but my source of eggs.

When I ran out of these organic eggs, I went back to my local supplier got some eggs and baked. The cakes came out well but not as perfect as the cakes I made using the eggs from Nsawam.

I called him up, ordered some eggs and got the same perfect results. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Let me know your thoughts and experience with eggs. Comment below