West Hills Mall @2

Picture this- You’re lying in bed after a tedious 24 hour duty and you get a call. To answer or not to answer? You check and its Nii, a good client of yours. Okay, you answer.

“Akua, I need 1000 cupcakes”, he says.

“Okay. When do you need it?”, you ask

“On Sunday” was the response.


Whaaattt? That was my reaction when the order to make 1000 cupcakes for West Hills Mall came in. Did I mention that twas  Thursday and I hadn’t even started  baking the 500 cupcakes I’d need for Achimota Mall on Saturday??

I quickly called baker friends to ask for help. Luckily, 3 offered to help. I called up my client and accepted the offer and went back to sleep. I was exhausted.

Saturday comes and only one baker turns up! We worked throughout the night and made it. I was over an hour late to set up but once again by Gods awesome Grace made it just in time!


Lessons learnt

  1. Prep, prep prep!!
  2. Be time conscious
  3. Always ask for help if needed. We dont know it all. We cant do it all.


Thoughts and comments below please


"lemme pose infront of this cupcake tower"

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